Playtime CD Cover

Playtime CD Cover

One Sheet for the single "Playtime

One Sheet for the single "Playtime



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I have released a new straight ahead CD entitled "Reflections"with Ian Bracchitta, Rick Dilling with vocals by Wendy Jones. It is available at CD Baby, ITunes, Amazon and all of the streaming and download sites.

I am very excited to be releasing "Pear Bear" as the second single from the "Playtime CD. It is currently #6 on the Top 50 Chart, #4 on the Indie Chart and #29 on the Smooth Jazz Billboard Chart. The radio promotion is being  handled by Jason Gorov of Gorov Music Marketing LLC 

The new CD "Playtime" was released to Smooth Jazz Radio May 2nd, 2016. It contained the single "Playtime" that was co written with Chuck Loeb. Chuck produced the single and is featured on the track.Paul Brown mixed "Playtime" in Los Angeles CA. It reached #18 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart in July of 2016.

Jeff Lorber produced and mixed another track "Stones Throw" on the CD.  Both of these tracks were recorded at Jeff's studio in Los Angeles, CA. There are 7 additional tracks on the CD that I produced. The song "Pear Bear" I produced with Greg Alewine and Hazen Bannister.

 Appearing on the CD are Chuck Loeb, Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, Gary Novack, Greg Alewine, Hazen Bannister, Tim Blackwell, Wendel Donald and Jeff Holland. This is the most jazz influenced CD of all of my releases.

Here's a link to the radio commercial. 

 "Heat It Up", which was released February 9th, 2015 to radio, promoted by Roger Lifeset and marketed by, Monterey, CA.  It contains ten tracks of contemporary jazz.  I composed the ten tracks and produced this album.  Richard Smith and I co-produced "Mary Anna" and "Wistful".  Rusty Milner and I co-wrote "American Frontier" and Hazen Bannister and I co-wrote "Remembering".

The musicians on the project are Big Tez Sherrard, drums; Greg Alewine, bass; Brandon Gillard, bass; Hazen Bannister, keyboards; Wendel Donald, keyboards; Doug Norwine, alto, tenor and soprano saxophone; Matt Olson, tenor saxophone; Mark Rapp, trumpet and flugelhorn; and Rusty Milner, rhythm guitar. The live tracks were recorded by Eddie Howard at Room 220, The Fine Arts Center, Greenville, SC.  Overdubs were recorded by Steve Watson and Rusty Milner. It was mixed and mastered by Rusty Milner. 

 "Watson's Riddle" featuring Chuck Leavell, was released in 2011 produced by Paul T. Riddle and distributed by Palmetto Records/Sony

Heat It Up Review from a listener 

Here's a Review from a satisfied customer.

A fantastic, fresh album. Steve Watson and his band are as good as it gets in the contemporary jazz/ funk world.

Steve is extremely musical and a very surprising improvisor. There's a mix of blues, classical and modern jazz, and straight ahead rock in his style that keeps you engaged throughout the album. It's almost like an Allman Brothers meets Charlie Parker sorta deal. For guitar nerds: his tone and technique will floor you.

You will not be disappointed. Get the CD over the mp3 if you can - great sound.

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Listen to "Playtime" featuring Chuck Loeb in the Listening Loft at

Listen to "Playtime" featuring Chuck Loeb in the Listening Loft at